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We want to prep your site ready for trades then clean it, ready for the customer. We have packaged pricing ready, or we can tailor our services specifically for you. Just click here to contact us.




  • ​Placement of construction/builders signage
  • Placement of builders documentation & H&S equip
  • Document hazards
  • Placement of lockbox/key
  • Move/arrange existing furniture
  • Vacuum wipe areas to be protected
  • Protect flooring-carpeted areas-self adhesive film
  • Protect flooring - hard surfaces - Bison board/PVC tape/polyweave                                                                           Antimar/multi purpose low tack film
  • Protect benchtops-Antimar/corro card/PVC tape
  • Protect Kitchen appliances/range hood - multi purpose low tack
  • Protect kitchen cabnetry - masking film/tape
  • Protect furniture - cover with non adhesive film taped to floor film
  • Protect heatpumps/nightstore heaters -multi purpose low tack
  • Protect fires/fire places - multi purpose low tack/masking film
  • Lift/remove & dispose of all protection products
  • Document using Buildclean job sheet
  • Wipe/remove dust from tops of all windows frames & sill
  • ​Wipe/remove dust from tops of all doors/frames/steps
  • wipe/remove dust from all bechtops/surfaces
  • Wipe/remove dust from all skirting
  • Wipe/remove dust from all cabnetry/wardrobes
  • Wipe/remove dust from all power points/plugs/light fittings
  • Wipe/remove dust from all wall if needed
  • Wipe and clean all mirrors with glass cleaner
  • Clean all toilets
  • Clean all sinks/baths/showers
  • Vacuum perimeter of rooms with vacuum tool
  • Vacuum all floors
  • Mop all hard flooring surfaces
  • Remove all drill tailings in cabinets & drawers (new build)
  • Wet wash and scrape all interior windows
  • Wet wash and scrape all exterior windows
  • Document using Buildclean job sheet 



Our welcome home packs are a convenient way for the main contractor to say welcome home and thanks for your understanding throughout the construction process. We have two packs available, either a gift bag of cookies & a card which is complimentary if both our protection service and clean are preformed or a bunch of flowers and a card/letter from you.  


We are ready to protect large areas of flooring ready for office cubical's to be fitted. We can protect door frames, pillars, elevators, windows, balustrades, stairwells or any area with tradesman thoroughfare  susceptible  to damage. We also can screen off area's to contain dust or erect walls or hoarding to separate construction areas from public areas. And of coarse we will remove protection and clean the whole site ready for business'es to move in and start working. 

We can wrap whole buildings in a watertight heat shrink membrane so you are able to remove roofing or just work on exterior cladding during winter months of inclement weather. This can also aid in preventing falls and tools, dirt and debris falling from the building.  Scaffold netting is another product we can fit specifically for the purpose of reducing worker injury.

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